Are you one of those people, a migrant of yesteryear, who always imagined that you would be spending your old age back in the country you were born in, surrounded by family and friends and at home in your own familiar culture? And have you, in the meantime, realised that this is not really an option, because it would mean leaving behind your own children and grandchildren, who now live and work in the Netherlands?

Have you already decided to remain in the Netherlands and to spend your old age here, near to your nearest and dearest?

More and more older migrants are making the same decision. You value the peace of mind that is offered by a well regulated health care system; so that you don't have to worry about receiving good medical care when you are ill. Having your children near to you is important too; so that they can always come in and help, assist in managing your affairs or acting as interpreter in the hospital or at the doctor's. And that makes you feel safe.

You want to go on looking after yourself, so that your children don’t have to worry about you; and you would like to hold on to your independence for as long as possible.

If this is your situation, then a residential community may be the answer for you. You live in your own apartment as one of a group of older people, most of whom have a similar cultural background to your own and talk your language. There is a communal living space that you share with the group, where, if you wish, you can organise and take part in various activities. Together with the group you decide what you want to do and when you want to do it: a shared meal, a keep fit class, a film.

Would you like to know more about living in a residential community? Do you have questions about the above information? Are you interested in setting up a residential community of your own?

Then get in touch with the Woonsaem information and expertise centre; for answers to your questions, expert advice, and support.


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